Jagge arrived at Alex’s place after a 4 hours trainride, since Felix can’t arrange things. Just kidding…Atagge was on shred again, finally. We went to the superfunny trashpark again. It was fun, but a lot of shoveling due to the 35cm of fresh cement that came down in the last days.

Good Morning USA (unser schönes Allgäu)

Alex nosepressing rail number 3 from the left. No pop off, but tapping the downparts! start hating!

Jagge popping a shifty over the last 2 minidowns in the rain. There was a pretty quick weather change going on!

After 8 hours of nonstop shoveling and shredding we were exhausted. At least Jagge and Steffen. Alex still pretends to be fit like a turnschuh!

Shots by Steffen Kornfeld…by the way.


Hanging around in the Chalet and looking forward to the contest. We didn´t know that we would be so scared of that Big Kicker they wanted us to jump the next day. I didn´t jump it.
We have a lot of fun while beeing busy and booking the next flight.
Picture 2: The Mistake

Some Kong Fu Action. Now we have to buy a new Cam.


3,5 hours drive back to Allgäu in the middle of the night because Felix told me he wants to film something. Okay. Waking up way too late on a beautiful sunny saturday and it turned out that we (Felix, Kornfeld and me) don’t have any clue what to do. After some brainstorming we decided to head over to that little trashpark in the woods. When we finished setting up a cool run it was already 2.30 p.m. But it turned to be a pretty funny and succesful day or afternoon. hehe. That place is awesome. You can build whatever comes to your mind with all this trash. I’m loving it!

Me after I finished building my little masterpiece. Just kidding. These tubes are fucking heavy. and i can tell…

Felix and me faulenzing down at the parking lot. heavy tubes…haha!

from finland with love

Our good friend Andy was in finland some weeks ago to film for the new shabamovie called “Color Me”. Atagge swiss connection!

look how cute he is!

Nor Cal and people

Julle und Toni sagen Hallo.
Lustige Tafel und netter Versuch Weltoffenheit zu demonstrieren.

Look at this great Streetview Drive. I love that view, it´s great fun.

Fast wie im Kaunertal…die Strasse.
Die Beschaffenheit nur noch etwas schlechter.

Direkt drüber wohnen Nima Jalali und Lance Hakker. Und damit alle wissen, dass sie jetzt ne Goggle Firma namens Ashbury besitzen, haben sie es auf die Wand geschrieben.

Da sich der Jib-Park in Kingvale nicht rentierte, stellte das Skigebiet kurzerhand auf Backcountry um und bietet ab nun an jeden Tag unverspurte Lines an.

Kings Beach…ob ihrs glaubt oder nicht, dieses Jahr nahmen wir die Tortour auf uns und bewältigten die 10 min. Autofahrt von Northstar an den Strand.
Letztes Jahr war an sowas nicht zu denken.

Jon Kooley was there, too.

Ole Olson und Tony Mahony.

Julle, somewhere im nowhere.

Harmony hatte alle Hände voll zu tun auf unser Gepäck aufzupassen.

Ich ebenfalls damit beschäftigt auf mein Jib Stick aufzupassen.

Fellhorn again…

one more time i had a great time at fellhorn! while alex is staying in ibk with a aching shoulder and jagge is still on his way back home, i was holding it down with gaia for atagge. even steffen kornfeld made it… and i can tell, this is really special..hehe!