What a weekend! Christl and Andres called, and everybody came. Christl’s Jibfest was on. Weeks after the last lift closed at Oberjoch, the two arranged to build the actual best park and got the resort to open the lift for 2 days again. No gay Schneestern Kaunertalpark or other winterlikeicepark on any glacier, but a damn fine slushy session with a lot of fun and friends and without stress and skiers! THANKS christl and andres! Nope we didn’t shoot a shitload of photos. Taking laps with good friends was way too funny!

Jagge, Flo and Alex destroying the picture.

Flo and his incredible doublecork attempt…he didn’t make the double. It was more like a 1,25 cork to faceplant.hehe.

the fullhand tailgrab…how interesting!

Shapers! Take note out there. Best park we’ve seen in a while.


Flo Geiger
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oh man, bin ich wirklich so klein? ich seh auf dem foto neben jagge und alex so klein aus..hahaaa, damn!

Carmen Beccaro
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