It still exists! He just fucks your life! I know i’m a nerd, as far as videos are concerned, but actually i want everybody to see this! haha!

Atagge-Busenitz Skate Shoe Collab

This is the Atagge-Busenitz co-branded football, ähm sorry, skate shoe. The collection is limited to one pair, so I´m really happy that I snatched one.

It´s actually a skate shoe, but I fear I´ll play more football with them than skating.
Watch out for more collabs.

Happy life breathing, Jagge


Often, I run into some words, sentences and stuff like that and I started to write them down or picture them, so I don´t forget them and can think about them. (4 “them´s” in one sentence, haha).
I´ll share some of them with you, perhaps you also think it´s kind of interesting.

Some years ago, I found this one of the Legend Lukas Huffman. His last words as a professional snowboarder about his past and future.

…on a shirt…

…on a poster.

The Trainson, uhh

Here we come with some kind of art I did a while ago. I called it “The Trainson” and it was painted with Copics. I like painting with them.
The work shows a train section how I would create one for my friends and me and I´m sure especially my friends Maxi and Hza would like it, you should know why!

Looking forward to post some holiday adeventures. It seems like that everybody of my friends is somewhere around the world: Bali, Brasilia, Thailand, New Zealand, Portugal, Island, even Luci will pass a long time in Tajikistan (how crazy is this, follow the link and find out where it is).