The Trainson, uhh

Here we come with some kind of art I did a while ago. I called it “The Trainson” and it was painted with Copics. I like painting with them.
The work shows a train section how I would create one for my friends and me and I´m sure especially my friends Maxi and Hza would like it, you should know why!

Looking forward to post some holiday adeventures. It seems like that everybody of my friends is somewhere around the world: Bali, Brasilia, Thailand, New Zealand, Portugal, Island, even Luci will pass a long time in Tajikistan (how crazy is this, follow the link and find out where it is).


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warum steht dein zug auf nem fliessenboden?

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Ein edler Fließenboden eines edlen Bahnsteigs eines edlen Bahnhofes. Why not?

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Und wo is die gap zwischen bahnsteig und zug? da wo man sich sehr weh tun kann?
also i bin ja immer no begeistert wie du mit den copic malst (du wolltest mir uebrigens mal zeigen wie des geht, ich brauch des noetiger als du), aber bisschen mehr auf's detail achten des naechste mal, gell?! 🙂

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