So liebe freunde, wer mal wieder was gutes für die umwelt machen möchte, der sollte jetzt mal gut aufpassen… der gute mann in dem video weiß wie es geht, ansonsten muss er die erde im alleingang retten und das macht der mit nur einem stück scheißhauspapier… respect!
ach ja und nicht vergessen den fingernagel am ende zu putzen!

Süddeutscher Skatepokal

SouthGermanSkateCup shows up in South Germany near you. Be there for some skating or for that other popular hobby HATING. 3 Shops, three stops, 3000 euros price money, 3 weekends, 3 parties, 3 60 flips, 1…2…3 from Dettingen to Souther Germany.

Click the flyer or the threes for more information.
I´ll take part in that threeer event, but not for skating, I know I´m pretty lame. Haha. But remember that game of s.k.a.t.e., Alex and I played a while ago, I won the first round.

B.o.d.e. ´n see

Last week, I passed some beautiful days at that lake called Bodensee which means something like Floorlake. Here are some pictures:

On this pic you can see Valli smoking and searching something right before some night swimming. Not that interesting, but take a closer look, then you can see funny Chris posing in the back because he thought I would picture him.

Laughing horse.

Here you can see me riding that tractor. Hold on, it´s not me, it´s my double who I engaged cause of lack of time. His real name is Benny. He looks like me, sorry, he looks a little sweeter.

This time it´s me, having some fun on the top of the P.F.änder with some musicians. Yes, that guy looks like a women but I can tell you, he is a man.