Third coup

of the SDSP showed off in our home town Ulm. Home advantage!
Cause things heated up and people got hyped, Butch and I decided to engage a security
for our safety while leading all those fools through the last contest.
In big Big T, we found the perfect one.

Look at Big T´s face: it´s fearsome.

Big T was backing us up while the whole contest, so we could completely focus on our work.
(Pic by Toni)

A happy and a tired face while taking a brake for some seconds up there. (Pic by Malle)

It´s a pity, the Süddeutscher Skatepokal Tour is over. We had a great and funny time while traveling through South Germany and being on tour. Haha.
Thanks Big T for that support.


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Jagge was happenz to you
Thanks for posting my pics
I'am very fine up in the north
Have a good start
See you soon for some beer and fun
Ciao Juls

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