Where is Atagge 2? Press conference

The Atagge group just organised a press conference to explain why the publication of Atagge 2-Revenge of the Douchebags is delayed over and over again! Simple answer: the movie got lost! Reporters of all media asked inconvenient questions and Alex and Jagge were in trouble to find answers. Where is Atagge 2 and how could something horrible like this happened? No Atagge 2 this year? Will there be any hope that it will show up? The two men behind Atagge said, that they need the help of professionals to find the movie. They assured that they’ll be able to publish Atagge 2 during next week. Let’s hope the best!


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dir heit scho zweni ztüe. so geile shit. peace spanks

Carmen Beccaro
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Hihi.. jagge du däufelskerl!bisch unglaublich..haha

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ohohoho free sponsor place?! was tut sich im atagge lager? versuche an billigen stuff zu kommen oder den angeblichen millionen deal mit forum bzw. the programm (method mag berichtete). Oder einfach nur professionellen support? Jagge willsch des jetzt professionell aufzieha oder was?

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Ich hab hier extra 100 Yen fuer scheiss Wlan gezahlt nur um zu hoehren dass du des scheissdings verliersch!!!!

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