secret project

A top secret mission took place at a top secret spot somewhere on the moon. The moonrider Lenny, JzA, Jagge and the amti-wear fools got to see what some designers developed.

Lenny completely focused on that up-tube. Or is he sliding down 50-50 blind?

Jagge on his way up. A misterious benchmarking MACHINE in the front.


we just installed that follower-thing-app. whatever…you can chase our mums now.


Seems like the majority doesn’t really want to tell where they are snowboarding…


After a long time some Art again. I call this painting The Doublekink. This perspective was painted with copics. Enjoy it and make your own, or only enjoy it, or don´t enjoy it and start hating that ugly illustration which is no art. Now, I´m confused.

BMB-Big Mountain Boarding

A nice day at Stubai Glacier with Lenny, Jan, Jolly Jumper, Big T, Swantje and myself.
Stubai Zoo, thank you for nothing.

This is the stupidest of all obstacles I´ve ever met in my life! Why are people doing this to my favorite sport?

That thing was so stupid that Lenny got really angry. Fortunately, there was no shaper around.

Look at Lenny´s face shape. He´s getting old fast.

Lenny and his sticks…He needs that pointer.

We decieded to go in the icy backcountry instead of riding that dream feature of some (probably skiing) douchebags. The runs were really steep.

He looks like a Mountain goat.


Steffen and I thought it would be cool to use a hangover day to search for spots. We met this young lady here. She wanted us to make a photo of her and her dog.


Congratulations Max and Mari! Little Emilia is finally here! Good luck in the future! Hope to see you 3 guys on the hill soon.