Steffen and I thought it would be cool to use a hangover day to search for spots. We met this young lady here. She wanted us to make a photo of her and her dog.


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as well as those nice volleyball girls

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just found this

Alex Tank, a skinny happy-go-lucky kid and Carhart rider (go figure), will be a face the US snobro population will be getting to know soon enough. The kid is incredibly talented, and like all of the Isenseven riders, extremely well rounded. Alex has the tech rail deal dialed, and his jump game is good enough to rattle some cages. This video might be worth buying just because of him actually, his whole part is good, and for some reason I felt refreshed by it. Like Alex, Fredrik Evensen will find himself a paycheck and Oceanside address sooner rather than later.

see u in the us and a

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