Take note!

Wie will man den Jungen im Dorf behalten? jetzt wo er Paris gesehen hat!
I just took this from Bear’s facebook…

a little update from Bear!

I don’t want to write too much about it. It’s just the funnest place on earth. Period. Stupid Parkshapers in Europe: Please fly out to Bear and take note! Alex and bs 5050 to bs noseslide pretzel

Flo, the Hausmeister.

View from the balcony

Jonas and his boys are also in town

Andy dropping in. Pic: Maurin Bisig

Ataggettogether Kick-Off

Toni, Hanne and me met in Innsbruck for a little trip. But unfortunately we haven´t left the city and the surrounding mountains for 5 days. We regret we didn´t hit up with Alex and Carmen at Laax because things went wrong. Instead of Snowboarding we painted, visited a museum and went to an indian restaurant.

Toni at work. He helped out at the mountain rescue due to the icy conditions.

Me and my briefcase after a hard day at the office.

Hanne, the new 2ndUnit Sales Rep. Order that shit!

Toni surprised by the NON-vegetarian “Thali” plate.

Perhaps more news of the Neverending Ataggettogehter Tour soon!

peanutbutter your ass

We went to a contest last week where you don’t win by doing every trick in the book…you should better learn how to swivel your ass off, Toni and Carmen.

Jagge and Alex were doing doubles all fucking day…loving contest snowboarding!