World Snowboard Day

So if you’re not on some random unnecessary railshoots somewhere in cold lands like Butsch and Alex, you should think about spending a sweet sunday afternoon at GG. The homies fromGoodquestion will be throwing some steaks on the grill and the tickets will only be 15 eurodollars. But just in case you’re not snollerblading…snowboarders only. Sounds like a plan, hm?

Fellhorn Opening Day

perfect weather but it sucked anyways…haha. just made this two pics on the way down.

the better half of atagge (Carmen and Gaia)

and the other half (alex and myself)


“snowboarding needs a bozwreck, and ya, you little shits are ruining snowboarding, go win a contest. you still wont be as good at nate!” -Mark “Deadlung” Edlund