Zugspitze Spring in the Park mini late post

i know it happened already 3 week ago… but make sure to be there next year.

Basti and myself hiking the downrail… thanks for shaping the park mr kuhn!

Myself doing a Method at the StepUp Kicker

fotos by Alex Schneider


The Don
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Jib Factory MegaPost Part II

Carmen is now a photographer. Here are her pics:
Shorts and T-Shirt in April? Topless Please! 
footy check!
Alex, bs blunt 270
Marco. We appreciate a good backlip!
Same here. James’ Polejam to Backlip
New Wallpaper, Flo?
More homies
Game of Snow lineup!
James. Polejam to fs lip. BALLS!
Atagge. OUT!