Still standing

Elmi just made this trailer for Shaba’s new movie Still Standing, entirely filmed in Helsinki. All your favorite swiss guys right in here, as well as a cameo of Benny. Banger!


Isenseven is going to show their movie for the first time in Munich, September 16th, including Alex and some shots of Benny. At least, that’s what the rumor is. We’re down for some brewskis…

Trick of the week with Butsch

Go-Shred just had their weekly shot with Butsch in the fridge on their website. Go-Shred is pretty awesome, by the way. If you need a ride to the mountain just check their site and see if there are people with some space in the car…cheaper and better for the environment than driving up the hill in your bigass SUV all by yourself, firing up 20 litres of gas.


Blume made an extra crapshow just dedicated to the shapers including James! Awesome park, awesome shapers. Only a few more months to wait…


It was Flo’s Birthday last weekend.I think he took some pictures and is going to make a post. In the meantime, Gido and Alex celebrated it with some lakediving and barefootskating. Benny filmed it…