hihihi Butsch and the boys on their way to Tropcamp.

Kool Keith

As Alex noticed I didn´t make to the premiere: engine trouble.
Instead I ended up at the Hifi Club last saturday and so Kool Keith did. I arrived late, so there were no more tickets left at all. Fortunately I ran into a Boss at a football game earlier that day. He took me inside that club.

He´s in the game since 1984, most of us weren´t even born.

Kool Keith at the Hifi Club.

In the afternoon: The BC Lions beat the Calgary Stampeders.

Viva La Vida Loca

Probably one of the better trailers. Arda is just hilarious…Be sure to see their movie october 8th at Lucern.

Premiere pics!

We can’t remember much. But here are the pictures we found on our newly bought superphones.
Almost 2 hours before the movie run…getting quite crowded. 

 Lutzi lost his pants on the stage.
 One for Jagge, he didn’t make it over the Atlantic. Never heard of him ever since…
Lutzi, Esel and Alex. Think yourself for a caption!


If you didn’t know what to do this friday, here’s the flyer again. Rumor is, that even Jagge is making his way over here. Don’t miss out, or…well you’re most likely just doing something else.