Step Twelve

Step Twelve Walked Away for some live shows playing all over Canada. Last night they played a show in Calgary at the Higher Ground Cafe. I came out for enjoying their music, some guitar slapping and glockenspiel.
You can find out more about these likeable artists and listen to some songs right HERE.

André and Samantha Chamberlain.

Step Twelve performing the last song at the Higher Ground Cafe.


Givin premiere in munich. Might be, that you see some Atagge in there…


So, der Stuff der letzten Saison muss raus aus unseren Kellern und Garagen. Deshalb kommenden Freitag nach Sonthofen kommen und für kleines Geld aktuellen Snowboardstuff ergattern! Manches ist sogar noch frisch verschweisst! Also kommt, auf der doofen Interboot is es doch eh viel zu voll und zu teuer!

New Pleasure

If you got yourself the new issue of PleasureMag, chances are you find some of our boys in there…

Forest has a sweet Sixpack

And Alex has an ad


Here’s a little edit from our swiss boys. seems like the footage got lost…

time is right

Never really cared about contest snowboarding, but it’s a part of our “sport”, can’t deny that. Even though, seeing the fucking F.I.S. taking over a part of our “sport” by simply denying all effords the T.T.R made, cant be a possibility. So please, all you triple-corking-spinny-winny-contest-kids: Boycott the fucking games as Terje did! Ah right I forgot, you can make shitloads of money there…pfff.

Premiere time

Flo and Alex had a little private premiere of the new VG movies at Flo’s new crib.

As said, Flo has a new crib as well as a big collection of these nice slipons to keep it clean

Janitor Nippleton, WhiteTrash!