Wimbledon Warmup

There’s no snow around home, so Flo and Alex decided to play some tennis and get ready for Wimbledon 2012. 

 Flo. Happy about his first point in the warmup
 Alex’s service is too damn fast for the camera, but he never hits the field.
Good Game. Revenge is up tomorrow!

LAAX Superpost

Benny and Flo visited the one and only swiss homie James in Laax for the weekend…
good times went down!

                                                            James and Flo… brohug!

                                                     Benny and Flo – Wu-Tang for life

                                                    James and Flo Böckfuck liftride

                                            The Shaperboys did a great job… thanx for that!

                                          James´ Handplant, Benny´s Handplant, Flo´s big fail

                                                                    fs 5-0 by Flo

                                         Benny has a real nice switch back nosepress on lock

                              This guy was up there too. Böris shows you how to do a tailgrap!

                                                       Flo and a frontside noseblunt

                                Don´t know how to call that trick… one-foot something by Benny

                                                                    Benny again…

                         James and a his one footed air maneuver aka Scott Stevens – holla-at-yah-boy!

                                there is an epic fail in this pic… can you find it? He did it all by his own…

It´s Butsh´s Birthday, Bitch.

Today of all days, Jagge had a relly good skype conversation with that “young” man who is turning one year older today. The snapshots pretty much show the trend of the talk.


It´s been quite a long time since my last day boardin, so I wanted to catch the first snow in the mountains some weeks ago.

Nakiska. These are not the 13 feet of fresh you expect from Canada, but they had some man-made slush on top, fun anyway.

Lake Louise. The next week we drove deeper into the mountains to taste some real snow.

Canada Olympic Park.

Finally the -25 degree celcius arrived last wknd. It was kind of chilly riding COP again.

What´s going on?

JZA sent over this pic of him reppin the upcoming SnowPark Innsbruck. Hanne, Maximilian Meisberger and I think a bunch of other fools started the young project to have a funny park around IBK.

He seems to be down with that project.
The two already proved their shaping skills back in 2006 building this backyard park. Have a closer look, Jan is catching some lip after going for the transfer. Hope the new park comes in a similar look.