The Lion’s Den

We went to Austria for a day to hit some Rails.
Footy Check. Check!

Marco and a perfect example of a switch fs 180 5-0.

I don’t know wether Andy’s stoked or not…


I´ve got this nice present for Christmas. It wasn´t wrapped at all, so it´s not my fault to have already my first Christmas present. Merry Christmas!

Goat´s eye.

Goat´s eye just opened and was the place to be last wknd. There was the pow I signed for.

It took us two whole days to track all the untracked lines.

 After a big dump the highways were quite bad. Fortunately, Jeremy´s tuning car has some spikes on the wheels.

 This guy didn´t make it to the parking lot.

These gang signs are strange to me.

GG Opening

Our polish friend Plaster happened to have a camera in his hand last sunday. Sometimes Butsch, Alex and the boys were in front of it. Crappy tricks, fun times!

Sunshine Village 2.0

Another day at Alberta´s finest resort.

Just 7607 km to Frankfurt. Seems to be not that far away.

It´s time for winter tires.

This time Graham was kind of the Guide through the woods and rocks.
DJ Duo Willy and Remy besides Graham and my humble self in the chair.


Thanks Toni the very first “Spätzle-Fest” went down in the Heart of the New West. He gave me that fancy Spätzle-Shaker before I left.

 And this was the result of the hard work. Honestly, most of the guests were Germans this day, but the real traditional “Schwäbische-Spätzle” were also new to them.