Demo Megapost

So, After a couple of days of Ispo madness we finally found time to upload some pictures Kornfeld took during the demo. Edits are also around the corner.

 Gido was killing it all day, not only with fs lips like these…
 Danny Larsen and foreal boss Basti Kuhn
Danny Larsen with an artsy handplant. This guy has one of the best bs 7 in the game. Wait for the 32 clip that is dropping soon.

James and a frontside lip how it’s supposed to be. He broke his cheekbone and just had surgery 10 days  ago. Commitment right here…

Alex, Joe, Said and Jeff hangin’

Doubleangle on that transfer of Joe’s.

The don

Atyaboy. Unfortunately, Scotty got hurt on the very first stop of the 32 tour. Still smiling…

Basti gab to frontside lipslide

hiking all day

Grenier with a lot of media observation.

The man who made the whole day possible and still motivated to flip burgers for everybody the whole day: Clemens Paul. Thank you very much!

Banger Burgers for free! 

AtaggeXForeal: Basti, Flo and Alex. and Michi Z sneaking in the picture.

More Burgers

Soccerteampicture with all the boys and shapers.

two dons

another lippy

Gido again droppin hammers: gap to bananaslide.

Butsch frontblunt around the corner

Flo shaped the park the whole week. Thanks.

And one more fs lippy by Basti Kuhn. 

Castle Mountain

Castle Mtn. is Alberta´s insiders´ tip for lots of snow and steep shoots.

This chair was kind of sketchy, especially when winds came up blowing up to 100 km/h.

 Jeremy got cained at this pole.
I´m about to drop and disappear in the peaceful woods.

A textbook Bs Spray of Jeremy right into my face.

The Demo.

Pack all your firecrackers and rockets. It´s DEMO-TIME.
Atagge and FoReal teamed up for the Demo this Saturday at Crystal Ground, Austria.
That´s all you need to know. More solid information over here or here.
JP Walker, Sexton, Grenier, Stevens along with a couple others will show up. Why don´t you come?


Toni and Kai had a little session at my Home-Mountain “Salzwinkel” near Ulm. Rumour is that these guys will fly over to Canada in Mid Feb. I hope it´s just another rumour.

B-Roll 01

Since Alex is banned from snowboarding for a couple of days/weeks he tried to make a little edit with some B-footage of Benny and Andy. More too come, hopefully…

Smash Life

“Snowboarding is much more than just banger after banger; It’s a journey, it’s euphoria, it’s pain, it’s excitement, it’s fear, it’s meeting new people, it’s sending it, it’s SNOWBOARDING.”
-Aaron Robinson (1986-2011)

Guys and Dolls.

We went to this operetta thing at the university the other day. They played “Guys and Dolls”.
There you go: Three hours of high-class entertainment. Laughs for days.

Lunchtime. Some friends took me out to experience the real traditional canadian food:
Poutine and Hot Dogs. Got hungry, Benny?

Fat Benny

Apparently, I always get Benny in front of the camera when he’s eating stuff. These here are just from the last 3 days…Fatman!

A little snack on the road.

being stuffed after 2 deserts during dinner.

…and having an aching stomach after too much of that tasty desert.