Holy Days.

I got a couple days off work and left busy Alberta for a little trip to Creston, BC again. From there the roads brought me into Idaho and Washington.

 The boundary to that province full of Beauty and Hippies.

 A typical home in British Columbia.
 A typical BC backyard.
We went to this huge frozen lake near Creston for playing some hockey. Calgary Flames, holla at ya boiis.

Shooting at the Ranch.

I had 5 shots for this guy. Needless to say I didn´t miss the circles.

A foggy day at Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho. This is where Videograss stole the title for their last movie.


It has been snowing so damn hard lately back home, that we had to get our long boards out and call up Clemens to guide us through the forests. Thanks!

Instagram droppin in. Busride back to the gondola.

And another round!

Alex and Flo after a couple of dirty faceshots. Doing it again tomorrow!