Look here which fool arrived.
Toni just flew in, his boardbag is still on the way. Maybe.


We went on a quick trip to Barce…äh Helsinki. To make it short: It seems like this city is made for snowboarding.
Elmi was already on the road for more than a month and hurt his knee on the last day riding in Sweden, he’s also pretty damn good behind the camera. Make sure to follow the Shaba guys on Instagram, we just stole all the pics from them.

 Spotcheck with James, Michi and Alex
Last minute spot before we had to get to the airport. Elmi was already packing the car, in the meantime Alex filmed James getting his trick done. By the look of their faces it must have worked out.

James broke his board. Maybe hanging it up there is getting usual business from now on.

The intern had his first free day and wanted to head out to alleviate all the stress.
Team Germany (on the left) and Team Canada (on the right).

Jeremy, this guy was killing it the whole day and he had quotes for days.

The Intern.

Fortunately our first Intern Ralphe and Kai arrived last week in Calgary because things got quite busy at the office over the last few months.
Atagge welcomes the Intern.

I took the guys to Nose Hill Park for first impressions and an overview of the city.
But then the internship started immediately.
The next morning Ralphe took care about the driveway. Still icy though.


After a solid 18 hours working day on site in Golden, BC there was still time for taking some laps at Kicking Horse Mountain.

The Atagge-Supernatural-Terrain.

I´m about to Nose Pick off that log.